Published: 31 January 2024
Category: Product Announcement

Launching of Manual Water Bidet (AR15 series) by Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad (“PMMA”)

Name Manual Water Bidet
Product Model
Release Date Jan 2024
Unique Selling Point
  1. Save renovation cost as it does not require any wall hacking and electricity
  2. Double nozzle with self-cleaning features
  3. Easy to On/Off and adjust volume
  4. Soft close function for safety purpose
  5. Nozzles coated with Ag+ for hygiene
  6. One button removal and installation kit included

In January 2024, PMMA has launched its new manual water bidet (AR15 series) in the Malaysia market. The AR15 series is available in two shapes.

The AR15 features adjustable water volume, easily controlled through the intuitive icon-based control panel. Besides, the AR15 has soft-closing function which ensures a silent, smooth and safe operation. The AR15 is equipped with two nozzles which are the family and feminine nozzle. The family nozzle features a stronger water flow for effective cleaning whereas the feminine nozzle is designed for gentle cleaning which is more suitable for female. Additionally, both nozzles come with a self-cleaning function that can be activated before and after usage, ensuring better hygiene.

The AR15 does not require power supply therefore wall hacking to install a power socket is unnecessary. Users can easily install the AR15 by themselves using the provided installation kit. Besides, the AR15 features one-button removal which allows the user to remove the bidet from the toilet bowl easily for cleaning purposes.

This is the new manual bidet from PMMA and we will expand the bidet business with new line up to meet the different markets’ needs and demand.