founderThe legacy bequeathed by our founder the late Tan Sri Konosuke Matsushita is both inspirational and exemplary. Much of the inspiration is provided in his humble beginnings as a struggling young businessman peddling adaptor sockets that initially no one wanted to buy.

The then 25-year old budding entrepreneur would not be daunted by failure. Instead, he bounded back through sheer resolve and a new idea. Putting himself in the shoes of the buyer, he produced something which the buyer actually wanted.

The appearance of an improved, two-way socket and attachment plugs handier than anything else in the market proved to be the turning point in his career. Konosuke Matsushita had at last found his true calling.

Matsushita Electric Appliance Factory was then established on March 7, 1918, in Osaka and today, Matsushita’s achievements speak louder than words. The company has grown into a global giant with an active and well-trained workforce around the globe.

Throughout his life, Konosuke Matsushita had believed that certain fundamentals must remain unchanged. Thus, a unique management philosophy was evolved, the Basic Business Philosophy that govern the management of Matsushita Electric. It is based on the premise that any business is indebted to society because it uses society’s resources – people, capital, real estate and many other services. Therefore, he maintains, the primary role of a business should be to serve society in return for having had the use of society’s resources.