Published: 23 May 2024
Category: Product Announcement

Launching of New Central Water Purification System (POE) by Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad (PMMA)

Name Central Water Purification System (POE)
Product Model
Release Date April 2024
Purification level
  • Turbidity ≦100NTU => Turbidity ≦5NTU
  • iron≦6mg/Liter => iron≦0.3mg/Liter

Back Wash
  • Easy maintenance
  • Maximum 5years can continue use filter material
  • Low running cost

Compact size
Footprint reduced by up to 50% compared to current models

In April 2024, PMMA introduced the All New Central Water Purification System (POE) to the Indonesian market and conducted a joint press conference with the top management of the Heating & Ventilation A/C Company (HVAC) in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, 45 million households rely on well water despite its water quality issues for their daily needs. The POE system ensures whole-house protection by filtering all incoming water before it reaches any faucets or appliances in your home.

This POE system is equipped with Panasonic’s proprietary high-speed oxidation coagulation technology, allowing it to remove iron ions and muddy elements. Additionally, the system features a backwash function for easy filter maintenance, and it can seamlessly connect to various pumps without limitations.

Clean water is an essential resource for life. PMMA remains committed to providing one stop water solution for entire households, ensuring lifelong customer satisfaction.