Published: 9 November 2023
Category: Public Notice

SA2 Flood Mitigation Initiatives – Perimeter Wall

Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad (PMMA)’s SA2 plant was affected by the unprecedented floods in mid-December 2021. Production operations were disrupted as the factory was inundated by flood waters. In response to the natural disaster, PMMA has implemented various activities including rebuilding and strengthening the perimeter wall for the prevention of future recurrence.

PMMA started the construction of flood mitigation perimeter wall at SA2 in June 2023. The construction was completed in October 2023. The overall length of the wall is 924 meters which stands at a height between 1.5 meters ~ 1.8 meters.

This construction consists of building of the perimeter wall together with 6 drain water collection pits equipped with 6 pumps to pump out water from SA2 monsoon drains within its premises and 6 drain discharge water barriers to prevent flood water from entering SA2 premises. We have also installed two water level sensors at the main entrance and the area close to the riverbank behind Press Shop Block, which will automatically trigger the pumps.

Moving forward, PMMA will further install flood barrier gates at SA2 to mitigate flood water from entering our premises via the main gates. This project is expected to be completed in February 2024.

With our flood mitigation in place, we believe that PMMA will effectively reduce the adverse consequences which may arise from a similar flood incident and provide a more resilient and sustainable flood management approach.