Causes Of Fan Wobbling And Action To Improve

Part Cause Action
  1. Pulley area over tighten
  2. Hook condition (slanting, too big, loose, etc.)
  3. Modified pipe
  1. Straighten the pulley plate to original condition.
  2. Repair hook condition / change
  3. Replace to original pipe
Hanger Plate Assembly
  1. Bolt and nut at pulley area not fully tighten
  2. Ball joint not properly inserted into guide
  1. Tighten the bolt and nut completely
  2. Ball joint at the guide plate according to manual
  1. Contact to ceiling
  1. Lower the canopy at least 5mm gap from ceiling
  1. Weight different
  2. Pitching out (metal blade)
  3. Poor installation (screw slanting, hook bend, screw tightening, miss screw, upside down, bend, not fully screw, etc)
  4. Modified (balancing kit, screw, etc)
  1. Change new blade (all same weight)
  2. Do pitching
  3. Re install according to manual / change, do pitching
  4. Re install according to manual / change, do pitching
Bolt & Nut
  1. Tightening not enough (motor to pipe area)
  2. Use modified bolt and nut
  1. Fully tighten the bolt & nut according to manual
  2. Replace with original bolt and nut
  1. Installation area (dome, slanting roof, room size, beam, outside windy area, etc.)
  1. Avoid these installation area condition