Causes Of Fan Noisy And Action To Improve

Part Cause Action
  1. Touching ceiling
  2. Touching motor (lower canopy)
  3. Not screwed
  4. Wiring arrangement inside canopy
  5. Installation condition (canopy step not in correct position, slanting, wrong position, etc)
  6. Modified canopy
  1. Lower the canopy at least 5mm gap from ceiling.
  2. Re install the lower canopy
  3. Screw the canopy completely
  4. Re arrange the wiring condition inside canopy
  5. Correct the canopy position according to instruction manual
  6. Replace canopy with it’s original condition
  1. Bolt and Nut not fully tighten
  2. Wrong assembly of pipe accessories
  1. Fully tighten the bolt and nut
  2. Re assemble the accessories and refer to manual.
Deco Cap , PCB cover plate
  1. Not fully locked at the motor cover
  2. Screw loose
  3. Loose attachments
  1. Twist the deco cap until “klik” sound heard according to instruction manual.
  2. Tighten the screw
  3. Change new parts, re install according to manual
  1. Room / installation area (beam, dome, open area, slanting roof, etc)
  1. Avoid these installation area condition
  1. Set connected to regulator / dimmer (remote model)
  1. Disconnect the regulator / dimmer