LCD and Analogue type with DC pump
Power : Msia (3.6kW)
LCD models come with
– E-Cycle Mode – spa-like shower, comfortable temperature
Rain shower head + 3-way shower head
One Push ON/OFF switch
Ag+ crystal anti-bacterial material
– shower head
9 safety features
– prevent electric shock, fire, burn eg built-in earth leakage breaker (ELB), Copper heater unit, non-flammable casing, water splash proof, insulated structure, water flow sensor, auto and manual thermostat, One push switch


The Company had launched 2 Rain Shower Water Heaters in the year 2021. Two models have been introduced namely, DH -3NDP1MSR which comes with LCD panel and DH-3NP2MSR which is without the LCD panel. Both models have been created with a built-in DC pump and a wattage of 3.6 kW with 20cm rain shower head and an Ag+ shower head with antibacterial material which prevent bacteria growth in the shower head.

Panasonic DC pump is the first built-in DC pump in the water heater industry. It is able to boost water flow for consumers to enjoy a hot shower even with low water pressure.

The model equipped with LCD panel has a stylish and Easy-to-See LCD screen. It is incorporated with an E-Cycle mode which generates 40 seconds of hot water and 30 seconds of cold water continuously, giving a saving of 43% on electricity usage.

Placing safety as the top priority, this Water Heater offers 9 safety points to protect against water splashes, fire, electric shock, and other potential accident. It is also equipped with other safety features like the UL-94-V0 Classification Material which is self-extinguishing and non-flammable for its external casing (front and back plate) to prevent from fire spreading. The Built-in Leakage Breaker (ELB) acts as a safety device that detects power leakage in preventing electric shock