U Series

  • Models: DH-3UD1, DH-3UDP1, DH-3US1, DH-3UP1
  • LCD and Analogue type with and without DC pump
  • Power : Msia (3.6kW) & Export (3.5~6kW)
  • LCD models come with
    1. ) U-Mode – spa-like shower, comfortable temperature
    2. ) U-Memory – pre-set personalized setting
  • 3-way shower head
  • One Push ON/OFF switch
  • Ag+ crystal anti-bacterial material

on commonly touch area (shower head, filter, push ON/OFF)

  • 9 safety features

prevent electric shock, fire, burn eg built-in earth leakage breaker (ELB), Copper heater unit, non-flammable casing, water splash proof, insulated structure, water flow sensor, auto and manual thermostat, One push switch


In FY2022, Panasonic launched the U series, a premium range of Instant Home Shower with simple architectural and minimalist concept which fits perfectly in a modern bathroom. This series was launched in several Asia markets at the same time; including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. It is well accepted since launched and consumer like the design and unique features for better showering experience. We have plan to expand to other Asia markets

U series Home Shower models comes with different specifications catered to different markets including LCD and Analog type, DC pump and No pump category and power selection of up to 4.8kW for Vietnam and Thailand markets.

The LCD model is incorporated with U Memory and U-Mode. U Memory allows up to 3 personalized memory settings for family members to select their preferred shower temperature. U-mode includes different shower selection mode of Cool Down, Warm Up and Hot & Cool that gives you a refreshing, relaxing and healthy shower experiences.

Moreover, designed with customer’s safety in mind, Panasonic Home Shower continue to include the reliable 9 Safety Points with protection features against water splashes, fire and electric shock. The One Push ON/OFF switch will turn off both main power and water supply at the same time for users’ safety and convenient.

In summary, Panasonic U Series Home Shower’s safe and hygienic features makes shower time worry-free, so you can enjoy better moments together. Available in comfortable shower modes to relax and recharge for better wellbeing.