Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad (PMMA) opened a newly renovated showroom

On 21 February 2024, Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad (PMMA) held an opening ceremony for its newly renovated showroom.

PMMA is expanding its production of water solutions-related products in addition to conventional home appliance production, and this renovation of the showroom embodies this direction. In the showroom, the Water Purification System for the Indonesian market, which can remove 95% of iron particles and ions from water, and the recently launched Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier (RO) for the Vietnamese market are on display.

The showroom also showcased PMMA’s core products, a variety of household shower and ceiling fan models. The new presentation also includes the newly launched first stick vacuum cleaner. 

In line with PMMA’s water solutions business diversification, PMMA has strengthened its partnership with Capital Distributors (S) Pte Ltd to launch the first KDK branded Home Shower in the Singapore market. At the opening ceremony, senior executives from Capital Distributer (S) Pte Ltd., which distributes KDK products in the Singapore market, were also invited to sign a manufacturing agreement between the two companies.

Solar Panel Project for Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad (PMMA)

Panasonic is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint through a range of environmental initiatives outlined in the Panasonic Environment Vision 2050. This comprehensive vision, established by Panasonic Holdings Corporation in 2017, strives to create a sustainable and secure society characterized by clean energy and enhanced quality of life.

PMMA confirmed to expand the installation of solar panel to reduce electricity consumption and reduce of Co2 emission.

In January 2024, the installation of solar panels on the new building rooftop and motorbike parking roof of the existing SA1 plant (Section 15) was completed.  The successful completion of the solar panel project within the stipulated time frame marks a significant achievement for our factory. From the initial planning stages to the meticulous execution, our team demonstrated unwavering dedication and expertise in bringing this sustainable initiative to fruition. 

The Company estimated solar generation approximately 386.83 MWh solar energy for the year end 31 January 2025 which to contribute 5.38 % of energy saving whilst reducing the emission of Co2 by approximately 256.5-ton. 

The successful implementation of the solar panel project not only reflects our commitment to sustainability but also sets a precedent for future endeavors aimed at reducing our environmental footprint.


Dear Netizens/Viewers,

We draw your attention to recent social media postings on the following Facebook accounts depicting the name, logo and image of Panasonic and/or Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad (PMMA) and claiming employment opportunities with Panasonic (“Suspicious Channels”).

The Suspicious Channels do not belong to Panasonic or any of our affiliates and authorised representatives.

Please refrain from responding to the Suspicious Channels and any links or contact details provided therein.

We are taking appropriate action to request for the removal of the Suspicious Channels from Facebook and alerting the relevant authorities of the same.

Thank you.

SA2 Flood Mitigation Initiatives – Perimeter Wall

Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad (PMMA)’s SA2 plant was affected by the unprecedented floods in mid-December 2021. Production operations were disrupted as the factory was inundated by flood waters. In response to the natural disaster, PMMA has implemented various activities including rebuilding and strengthening the perimeter wall for the prevention of future recurrence.

PMMA started the construction of flood mitigation perimeter wall at SA2 in June 2023. The construction was completed in October 2023. The overall length of the wall is 924 meters which stands at a height between 1.5 meters ~ 1.8 meters.

This construction consists of building of the perimeter wall together with 6 drain water collection pits equipped with 6 pumps to pump out water from SA2 monsoon drains within its premises and 6 drain discharge water barriers to prevent flood water from entering SA2 premises. We have also installed two water level sensors at the main entrance and the area close to the riverbank behind Press Shop Block, which will automatically trigger the pumps.

Moving forward, PMMA will further install flood barrier gates at SA2 to mitigate flood water from entering our premises via the main gates. This project is expected to be completed in February 2024.

With our flood mitigation in place, we believe that PMMA will effectively reduce the adverse consequences which may arise from a similar flood incident and provide a more resilient and sustainable flood management approach.

Panasonic remains committed to continual Investment in Malaysia by Malaysiakini on 28 July 2023

Business expansion including new R&D for commercial air-conditioners, air-to-water heat pump systems and automotive capacitors business investments in Klang Valley, says Panasonic.

Contrary to recent media reports on Panasonic sunseƫting its operations in Malaysia, the company remains firmly committed to continually investing in the country and contributing to its economy and people.

Panasonic considers Malaysia a critical and strategic regional hub and a strong investment destination.

As of March 2023, Panasonic has around 18,000 employees across various business entities in Malaysia, including high-value manufacturing, R&D, and headquarters operations.

In manufacturing alone, Panasonic employs close to 16,800 workforce. Panasonic Group’s contribution to Malaysia’s GDP is approximately 1 percent, and its total capital investment in Malaysia amounted to RM1.23 billion as of March 31, 2023.

Panasonic will be looking to strengthen its business in areas expecting further growth, such as automotive, environmental, and health and well-being.

Near-term business expansion in the country includes a new R&D building for commercial air-conditioners and air-to-water heat pump systems as well as increased production of automotive capacitors in the Klang Valley.

After much deliberation, the decision to shutter two Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad’s departments—rice cooker and small kitchen appliances were made to align with the Group’s global production and strategic growth plans.

The move was also to enhance operational efficiency. The closures were not related to the lawsuits involving employees and suppliers as alleged in some media reports.

The rationalisation exercise affected 223 employees. Of these, 95 opted for the mutual separation scheme (MSS) and the remaining 128 were reassigned to other departments. Those who opted for the MSS received fair and equitable compensation packages.

At the same time, those who were reassigned have been given opportunities for reskilling and training to help them pick up new capabilities and advance in their careers.

Panasonic is continuously looking to develop and expand its businesses in pro-enterprise environments, both in the region and globally, which align with its policies and strategies.

By Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad in regards to Malaysiakini Article on 1 June 2023

Media Statement

As we operate in an increasingly complex environment, Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad constantly looks at how we can best adapt and navigate to maximise business efficiencies and grow the company sustainably. The strategies undertaken are thoroughly thought out and any decisions regarding our workforce are made with the utmost consideration and deliberation.

We completed a rationalisation exercise and business restructuring on 31 March 2023. This was in-line with the closure of two product manufacturing departments at the Shah Alam 1 (SA1) plant only. No other plants or departments other than the one stated are affected.

A nominal number of employees within the affected departments were provided with the option of a Mutual Separation Scheme (MSS), and a significant proportion of them voluntarily opted for this opportunity. As an organisation dedicated to maintaining a culture of respect and responsibility, we have been engaging closely with our employees on this matter while providing assistance and support throughout the process. During this rationalisation exercise, those employees who opted for the MSS have received fair and equitable compensation packages which are above industry norms. For the remaining number of employees who did not opt for the MSS, our Human Resource department has provided them with an offer to be transferred to other relevant departments within Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad, in positions that suit their skill sets and potential for growth.

Regarding the query on the lawsuits filed in 2016 and 2017, we would like to inform that the same have been successfully resolved. For clarity, the said lawsuits are independent of and unrelated to the recent rationalisation exercise and business restructuring that was completed on 31 March 2023.



The Management of Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad has conducted an immediate and thorough investigation on the recent incident that went viral on social media about our company’s handling of stray cats. 

We regret that certain inappropriate remarks by an employee have caused public disappointment and anger. However, independent checks conducted by our company and Selangor Veterinary Department confirmed that there were no incidents of animal abuse within the factory’s premises. 

We want to reiterate that we do not condone any acts of animal abuse or cruelty.

Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad remains steadfast in our commitment to ensure our Code of Conduct on Ethics and Behaviour are robust and reflective of the need to demonstrate good social values, and that our employees and partners/vendors abide by it closely.